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Birth of a New Game

Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:58 pm by Bry

Well I figured I should post this in case anyone happens to stumble upon this place. A new game is under construction at this moment.

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Rewards System

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none Rewards System

Post by Bry on Sat Apr 12, 2014 12:22 pm

Rewards System


Like any game, you are rewarded for your actions in game, and are able to use these rewards to further your progress, and increase your strengths. Currently there are 2 types of rewards granted in Gundam Build Fighters Plus. First we will cover how you can earn additional points, and then further discuss each point type.

How to Earn Points

Points are earned for every roleplaying post made in game when you are playing your character. The amount of points received is affected by how well a post is written, both in quality, and length, as well as how well a post advances a story. Posts that are little more than, I’m here, and I’m posting something, will not net the same kind of rewards as posts where people actively attempt to interact with other player’s characters, or ones that attempt to tell a story. Even if that story is something as mundane as a day in the life of the character involved, it is still better than a short post of a character just reacting to what someone else has said.

Point Types

As mentioned before, there are currently two types of points that can be earned in the game. Now we shall describe both point types, as well as how they are earned.

Pilot Points
The first of type of rewards are Pilot Points. These points are earned from combat roleplaying, and allow you to purchase additional Ability Cards, as well as things such as Pilot Nicknames, and additional Gunpla Slots. These points cannot be used to modify Gunpla, nor can they be exchanged for Build Points. Again the amount of points earned from each post will be based on how well the post is written. Points can be deducted if your posts are too over the top, with things like forced hit descriptions, or dodges/defenses that make little, to no, sense. Even though this game uses a dice system, and hit points, players are still not allowed to minimize damage through text descriptions.

Build Points
The second class of points is Build Points. These points are earned from non-combat roleplaying, and allow you to modify your Gunplas, purchase Repair Materials, and offer other rewards once enough total points are earned. These points can be converted into Pilot Points if so desired, but once done, cannot be undone. Any points changed this way will be removed from the total count of Build Points earned. Again the amount of Build Points earned each post is effected by the quality of your posts.

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