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Birth of a New Game

Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:58 pm by Bry

Well I figured I should post this in case anyone happens to stumble upon this place. A new game is under construction at this moment.

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General Board Rules

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none General Board Rules

Post by Bry on Tue Mar 18, 2014 5:01 pm

General Board Rules


What follows are the rules that affect the entire board, no matter the circumstances. While most of these rules are common sense, there are a few exceptions, so please read all of the rules carefully.

General Board Rules

The rules that follow pertain to how a member must conduct themselves on all the forums of the game, both in, and out of combat. These rules are in their on separate list because of their importance to the games stability, as well as its functionality. Refusal to follow these rules is grounds for action being taken by the staff of Gundam Build Fighters Plus.

1. Be courteous to other players.
Yes the game is meant to depict combat, and anger, but that doesn’t mean that you should go around acting like a jerk to the other members. The reason this is rule number one is for the simple fact of if everyone becomes miserable due to the way they treat each other, then the game will grind to a halt quite quickly. So please, while you are with us try to avoid making yourself look bad, or else there will be repercussions for your actions.

2. No Trolling.
Just in case rule number 1 was not clear enough, there will be no trolling on this site. This is a game that is meant to be enjoyed by all, if your enjoyment only comes at the cost of abusing others, we suggest you move on.

3. The staff of the board is to be respected, and listened to.
Without the staff, Gundam Build Fighters Plus would not exist, and as such, please show them respect. All of us on the staff currently started out only in the shoes of normal members at a many other sites, as such we do not hold illusions of being above the members. We will treat you the same respect that you show us. That being said though, you need to remember that running a game like this is work. It isn’t easy making everything work for large numbers of people for even a single event, and we are trying to accomplish that on a daily basis. Please have patience, for we will do all that we can to allow everyone to enjoy their time spent with us.

4. No advertising without direct permission from Bry.
I retain the right to screen any, and all ads before they are posted on Gundam Build Fighters Plus by any of the sites members. Not because we are trying to stop other roleplaying games from attracting our members, but to screen for questionable content that does not reflect who we are. We do not wish to be linked to sites that would make us look bad, nor do we wish our members to be exposed to such things. I am responsible for what appears on Gundam Build Fighters Plus, and as a whole, we strive to keep our site close to PG-13. While we may allow swearing and other questionable behavior, there is a limit to this. Usually if you just ask, you will be allowed to advertise, however those who don‘t ask first will face repercussions.

5. Only one character allowed per user account at a time unless otherwise earned.
While some people may feel the need to play two characters at a time, please note this is not allowed. Also known as multi-playing, this is a form of cheating due to the fact this can be abused in combat situations. If your character dies, or if you grow tired with them, you may create a new one, but the first character must be abandoned. Any attempt at having multiple characters at once is a violation of this rule, and the person responsible will be punished. However, Staff, and certain approved players may have two characters. This is may be due to faction staffing, and maintaining a playable game, not favoritism or any other reason. Players may also earn a secondary character if they have met in game conditions, and follow set guidelines.

6. Only one account allowed per user registered with us.
If a time comes that you wish to change your name, please approach an administrator, and we can do it for you. This isn’t a hard feat for us to accomplish, nor is it a burden. Registering over again takes time, and also takes up a name someone else may want eventually. This also prevents members from having multiple characters which is a violation of the rules of the game. Much like the former, if an incident such as this arises, the person responsible will be punished.

7. If you are going to be absent for a period of time, please let everyone know.
If a time comes that you must be absent for a period of time, please let everyone know, and withdrawal from any threads you may currently be in. This is not a penalty, but instead a courtesy to the other players, as it allows the game to progress during your absence. You are free to return to whatever you wish after your return.

8. Please keep your post content dial up friendly.
It might be the modern day, but well some of us are stuck with 1980's technology thanks to our local telecoms. As such please try to keep picture sizes to reasonable levels, and if not possible, please link to them instead of displaying them.

9. Keep the content between PG-13, and R.
Though it is common sense, try to avoid too much swearing, and graphic detail.

10. Bring any issues with staff to Bry's attention immediately.
Though I hope we will never need to use this rule, if there is ever a problem with a staff member infringing on a single player, in such a way to manipulate the game, or anything else, let me know immediately.

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